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Recruitment Agencies & Mobile Availability

Last Modified: Nov 18, 2017 @ 2:29 pm
A short while ago, I wrote about testing I had undertaken into more than 4000 recruitment agency website and their availability for visitors on mobile websites. At the time, 65% of the websites tested were not mobile friendly in Google’s eyes, and this was going to cause them issues. Google was very specific in advising that if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you can expect to be less well ranked in the mobile SERPs. These numbers were also covered in the Recruiter Magazine where my findings were produced.

Update:  Almost a year since I posted this original article and in March this year,  Google upped the game when it comes to Mobile by rolling out an update to increase that effectiveness. You can read more about this here. Your site really needs to be mobile friendly now as this rollout has finally finished.

What do numbers now show?

It has been over 2 months since the algorithm was introduced, and from the 4000 agencies tested where 65% failed, there has been virtually no improvement. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero! Why? Why, would anyone purposefully jeopardise their business by actively doing nothing and thereby turning clients & candidates away?

You may not even be aware that mobile use is increasing faster even than industry analysts initially predicted. Just about everyone owns a smartphone with browsing capability of some sort, so why not cater for them? No-one wants to have a browsing experience where they are constantly pinching and zooming. It is tiresome, frustrating and will result in loss of visitors.

What can you do?

It is far from the end of the World if your website is not yet mobile friendly. If you aren’t sure, hope over to the Google Mobile Friendly test tool, enter your URL and in less than a minute, you will know where you stand. Once you know this, you can start to plan a strategy to help you regain lost ground.

It is going to start with an appraisal of your site and an understanding of how it is powered. If it is WordPress based and fails the test, then you probably need to update or change your theme. Most themes are fully responsive now so you will have lots of options.

If your site isn’t powered by WordPress and is coded in standard HTML, then you might need a little time from a developer. They will be able to amend your site style sheets to help mobile browsers understand what needs to happen when someone visits from a phone or tablet.

Mobile SEO

If your website already ranks well within Google, then you shouldn’t need to do any more, but do pay close attention to your local SEO because a lot of mobile SEO is based around location. Spend the time covering best practices, ensure you have a Google My Business page and if you think you need additional help, please feel free to get in touch.