Online Reputation Management: Protecting Your Brand

30+ SEO Specialists Talk on Google and Online Reputation Protection

One of the key areas of work that I undertake is by helping clients with online reputation management, but there are some pretty clever and innovative people out there so thought a roundup would be a great way to impart this advice – I asked […]

Will Mobile First Actually Happen?

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This is a question on everyone’s lips right now. Ever since Google’s John Mueller said that “if they can’t get Mobile First to work, then they won’t roll it out”, it has left open a huge question about the highly controversial update. Except it is a lot more than just a […]

Recruitment Agencies & Mobile Availability

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A short while ago, I wrote about testing I had undertaken into more than 4000 recruitment agency website and their availability for visitors on mobile websites. At the time, 65% of the websites tested were not mobile friendly in Google’s eyes, and this was going to cause them issues. Google […]

Is there a Google algorithm update happening?

Is something going on with Google right now? Accuranker certainly thinks so. Over the last 3 days, the warning for their Google ‘Grump’ rating has been slowly increasing. This started on the 10/05/2016 being cautions – this isn’t that unusual. However, there has also been chatter on Twitter recently that suggested others might […]

Why Yoast Might Be Hurting Your SEO

Let me start by saying that I use Yoast myself and as a tool, it does a good job of making some aspects of your SEO efforts easy. It also isn’t the only option out there, but that is something for another time.

The issue is, that there seem to be an increasing number of users […]

When negative press attacks

If a negative search result starts to show up in the SERPs, one of the most common questions I get asked is “what should I do” and the quick answer to this follows on from a previous postDon’t panic. Panic leads to rash decisions that can exacerbate a situation, especially so […]

The art of removing negative search results

Bury that sh*t!

You may or may not know that negative search result removal is actually a ‘thing’, but it is, and it is a lot of fun to do! It is something I have done for a number of companies and individuals now, but I do have to also have […]

Linkbuilding in a Post-Penguin World

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you will undoubtedly know about the current state of link-building campaigns that are both Google friendly and can actually deliver results. It isn’t as easy as you might think and does carry with it some level of risk, if you aren’t careful.

Let us start with […]

Test your site for mobile freindliness

A little known trick can save you a lot of time when it comes to testing your website for mobile compatibility, and all you need is Google Chrome.

Start by opening your site as normal, right clicking somewhere on the desktop and then selecting “Inspect Element”


65% of recruitment websites are not mobile friendly

Lets look at the numbers. From 4,130 UK recruitment agency websites tested, just over 65% failed the Google test for mobile friendliness and with the new mobile algorithm update just around the corner, that’s a lot of sites that could be seeing a drop in mobile traffic. If you haven’t read about the update, or […]