Negative Search Removal

Poor reviews, negative search results, bad press or just unfair feedback – these can be a nightmare for any company, but aren’t something you can always just request are deleted – especially from Search Engines! However, it is possible to effectively remove these harmful results by burying them past page one of the SERPs.

There are no underhanded tactics needed to achieve the results that you want and remove any negative press. This can sometimes be a fairly straightforward process – other times it is more involved.

How to remove negative search results

As Google updates their algorithms, so too must activities to get rid of negative press and articles. This has been updated for 2017 and will be updated as new activities come to light.

Step 1 – Identify problem pages indexed by Google

There are a number of ways to do this but usually a simple search is sufficient to see the scope of the problem. Whatever you do though, do not go in all guns blazing. Assess the situation.

Step 2 – What is generating the negative search result?

It is important to understand where negativity exists. Is it from a review site? A newspaper article? A discussion forum? Make a note of as much as you can find.

Step 3 – Identify the search results that show these negative pages

Note all of the search phrases that are showing negative results. This is required because you will want to know how difficult this is to remove.

Step 4 – Can you request a change?

You have to be careful with this step. Sometimes it might be possible to simply address the issue head on but depending on why the issue has arisen, you can sometimes make things worse for yourself.

Step 5 – Create positive press, sites and news

The premise behind burying negative press, is by essentially burying it past page 1. There are very few occasions where Google will remove results.

Step 6 – Start building backlinks

It isn’t always enough to just create additional sites or articles – you sometimes have to build natural backlinks to help make them more popular. This will almost always help the pages appear higher up the SERPs.

Step 7 – Analyse and repeat

Every case is different. Some might be quite simple to bury but if you have been in the press, then it might be that more positive articles or sites are needed to combat the negativity.

Of course, this is a very high-level view of what I do, but the idea is that you build other sites and pages up to replace offending content that you would rather wasn’t there.

Do you have negative results that are causing you concern?

Note: All contact is treated with the utmost confidentiality


Drowning out the noise

If someone is using negativity towards you, then you fight back with positivity. There is no need to put you or your business at risk and this technique doesn’t breach any TOS in any search engine.

By creating articles, videos, reviews, listings, Social Media and profiles from a wide range of trusted sites, you effectively ‘take over’ what is causing negativity. I will then promote other positive mentions from 3rd party sites to help bump them up while replacing those that need burying.

For particularly troublesome results that come from authoritative sites, an additional step is sometimes needed to acquire links to help boost the initial stages.

Before you try to fix any negative press…

The first thought when seeing negative results might be to contact the site / individual in question. Best intentions here have been known to go horribly wrong and turn a small issue into a huge problem. Contact depends greatly upon their reasons for this negativity. Don’t offer to pay for it to be removed or use any threatening language. This will only exacerbate any issues.

Before starting out, remember that unless there is a legal reason, the site / individual in question doesn’t have to remove negative comments. It can often seem very unfair, but you are likely dealing with a sensitive issue, so diving in with insults or strong language will only make things worse.

If we are dealing with a product that has launched but now has a string of unhappy customers, deal with this head on. Don’t be confrontational; offer to look into matters and give assurances where necessary, but don’t set yourself up for anything unrealistic. Just remember, if you have a lot of unhappy people, they will become more unhappy if they think you are ignoring the issue. This is especially the case on forums where others can join in.

Rather than let any issue get out of hand, don’t be afraid to give a dedicated contact page or e-mail address where they can air their concerns directly. This can help stop a rant or argument in its tracks.


Look to create a structure for damage limitation. You don’t want the same problem to keep recurring.

Past negative experiences don’t necessarily need to be something that hangs over your head. You can use these as an opportunity to ensure they don’t happen again by taking a proactive approach to customer satisfaction

Make sure contact with you is easy

A pet hate for lots of people, is not being able to get hold of a person or supplier easily if they wish to give you feedback. By creating a simple feedback button on each page, you are then inviting others to air concerns directly with you, rather than on pages that can easily be seen by the search engines. This is how a lot of negative press starts. However, this would be a pointless exercise if you had no intention of addressing concerns of others, so make sure you hop on these as soon as they come through.

Answer questions on your website

By taking a proactive stance, you will answer questions and concerns before anyone either needs to make contact, or take their worries to an online platform. An FAQ can often be a huge help in situations like this by answering questions others have asked in the past. It gives you the ability to nip any issues in the bud, but make it easy to find. There is no point in having a fantastic resource like this and then burying it as a single link in a page that no-one is likely to visit.

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