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What is an SEO Audit and do you need one?

Last Updated: 3rd April 2017

An SEO Audit or Website Audit (sometimes referred to as a ‘Technical’ or ‘Forensic Audit’), is the methodical process of looking at a website and then working with results to make changes that will positively impact your goals. This is presented to you in a report with a final checklist of changes you should be making.

You may find an audit will help when looking to correct a Google penalty, or if site changes have slowly been eating away at your visitors, and you aren’t quite sure why. All SEO Audits are compiled by hand and each element heavily scrutinised before providing you with your custom report.

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What an Audit does for you

  • Helps you to understand how to regain lost ranking positions
  • Track down technical implementation issues
  • Find the reasons for any Google penalties
  • Find and correct duplicate page issues
  • Identify the correct keywords for a page
  • Ensure your site conforms to Google’s best practice standards
  • Offer advice if you are unsure of where to start

If you fall in to any of these categories, or feel that an Audit will help in other ways, then please get in touch or continue reading for more information.

Why choose iQ SEO?

With a professional SEO audit, EVERY page in your site is inspected, not just your homepage.

If you have experienced a penalty or loss of traffic, then the main goal is to get you back up and running in the least amount of time possible. If you feel that you just aren’t making headway with your SEO, this audit report will tell you exactly why.

We understand what Google objects to and what makes a ‘good site’ from both a best-practice-SEO and end-user standpoint. We can tell you if you have tried too hard, or need to try harder. A final checklist shows the best way to rectify the findings.

We see what Google Sees

Often asked is “How do we know this is correct?”. Quite simply, years have been spend in perfecting the audit process that is used. We gather our data and understanding from a thorough understand both the Google Webmaster and the Quality Raters guidelines and from the myriad of tests performed by 3rd parties.

Knowing what Google is doing daily allows us to stay at the cutting edge of auditing technology. If we see a change from Google that isn’t currently covered, we quickly test this and apply it to the audit process.

How the website audit works

It starts with a site crawl. Then another, and another… In total, we will crawl your site with no less than 6 different data-gathering tools to pull out the raw data that we need. We then use a further 4 tools to analyse external factors.

Once we have this data, we can start to crunch the numbers and pull together each of the different points we analyse. Each of these points will carry three states.

  • Pass
  • Fail
  • Pass with advisories

Each of these will come with an overview of the test performed, why it has passed or failed and what can be done to correct it or improve what is already in place.

Auditing to gain trust

Google wants to deliver sites that meets their E.A.T requirements – Expertise, Authority & Trust. If your site fails on these in Google’s eyes, then you could be fighting a losing battle. We look at your industry and niche, see who the winners are and why. We draw comparisons with your site and gain a more complete picture of what is going on.

An example of this at work is to imagine you have built a website to provide financial information. Google is going to want to see some very strong recommendations and citations that back up your claims. It might help to be a member of a financial body or to have had papers published.

However, if you just build your site to try and stuff as many keywords in as possible without actually offering sound advise, then you are likely going to get marked down.

We will identify if your site is going to answer the needs of those searching for you and if you carry the Expertise, Authority and Trust that is required.

How long does an audit take?

Anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of your site and if there are specifics we are dealing with. The average time is around 10 days from first crawl to delivery.

The audit also includes up to 2 hours of consultancy time to go through the completed report either on Skype or over the phone.

How much does an audit cost?

The cost varies depending on the size of your site and if there are any areas that we need to spend more time, but from £595+VAT and up.

Easy to understand

We want to make sure that the completed audit is as simple as possible to follow and action. Every completed document is completely hand-written. We don’t just pass your site through a crawler and output the data to a spreadsheet – we write each section specifically for your site and include images where applicable.

Why are your competitors winning?

Competition analysis forms a large part of the audit. We are able to draw comparisons between your site and those who are currently leading the battle of the SERPs, see what is different and if this is something you also need to be doing.

We would never advocate copying, plagiarism of duplication, but if there are obvious conclusions to be drawn, then we will point these out for you.

Keywords and Content

Google loves rich content, but they hate keyword overuse. If your website content sounds like it has been written by a robot, then you might just see the wrong end of a penalty.

Our audit will look at all of the content across your site. If you are duplication page efforts (keyword cannibalisation) or aren’t correctly targeting a phrase, we will tell you.

What should you focus on?

When the audit is complete, you will know what is letting you down. It could be poor content, incorrect keyword usage, spammy links or so much more. Not only will we audit your site, we will also tell you what is letting you down and how to correct this moving forward.

Of course, we will be happy to talk to you about completing any work for you as well as consulting on the best practice techniques you should be employing.


Even the smallest of issues can be bothersome – we will report everything we find back to you

THE AUDIT PROCESS CONSISTS OF MORE THAN 100 important ranking and usability signals. If you want to know more, use the form below to get in touch

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